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Wow, I haven't stepped foot on this site in half a year.

I still draw and stuff, but I originally left because I just really didn't use this site that much anymore.

Thinking of coming back though.

If anything to talk to friends I made here and don't know how else to continue to talk to them.
And maybe just to dumb drawings here I wouldn't put on any other the other places I regular.

Idk, we'll see.
Cleaning out my gallery.
listening to video game OSTs and thinking of ways my OCs would interact with others' OCs. :I

This week its been of Ellie and Perry(:iconcometbunny:)
and of Soft Heart and Spookay(:iconms-tentacle-monster:)
and they are still coming too!...
what is this feeling?!
happy late 4th of july. ^^;

Also DragonMew flies in today and is staying up until the 10th.
last Wed. was my last day of high school.
and graduation is next Mon.
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I kinda regret who I choose to go to prom with.
And I don't mean the guy, because I don't have one. = =
But I mean the group.

I just wanted something simple and easy to follow and make happen.
But once my friend said we were going to be with her club, things got out of control.
And now it's this big ol' thing.
The messed up part is, whenever I have a question rather if its something I could've found out on the facebook page, I get annoyed tones and mean looks.
And most of them are coming from the two friends from my original group.

The only person who hasn't given me any kind of mean-ness is the one person besides my friend I know from the club.
And for that, I love her even more. ; ;
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I'm going to prom, it's now a thing.

Got the dress yesterday, and it's black and green. Don't know if I should say its Green Lantern or Once-ler
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but does anyone know if they are going to PAX Prime this year?
Or know of anyone that plans to go?

I wish to go myself and are currently saving money in hopes to go.
But since hotels are expensive I was wondering if I can partner with a person or two for rooming.

I really wanna go, and a big factor in all of this is whether or not I can afford a hotel room.

I know its a couple months away, but time goes by before you know it.
So please lemme know if you or anyone you know are planning on going or are for sure going.

Thank you.
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Merry Christmas to all. ouo

Happy Birthday to :iconjspx: and myself. o3o
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I would like something that has Gracie spending Christmas with her family, Mac and Perry.


If better refs are needed, I understand = =; Just ask and I'll supply them.



Not sure if I made it or not. But I think it did.
So here's this just in case I did make it.

This is for the kind soul who ends up getting me for Secret Jingle. = ="

Here's my little sheepy and I would love to see your character and Merri do something instead of just her by herself.

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I made an ask account for my Adventure Time character Holly.
I thought it could help me out a bit, like get me to draw a bit more.
Or I don't know. :I

If you care to see it here it is

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Stolen from :iconsquidpumps: due to excessive boredom.

Site used -->…
Mine was set to Unova Dex,
and by what I saw, you take the question and go down the poke list and match them to the questions in order.

1. This Pokémon will cook for you for the rest of your life:
-No problem there.

2. This Pokémon hates you a lot:
-What, you don't like the nickname I gave you?

3. You share your bed with this Pokémon:
-He's my nightlight. =u=

4. This Pokémon will sit on your lap when you are on the computer:
-It's like having a puppy on your lap. ouo

5. This Pokémon is madly obsessed with you in a creepy/romantic manner:
-He wants to steal my bouncy ball collection. ;A;

6. This Pokémon will join your team and stay in it forever:

7. This Pokemon will kill you slowly and painfully:
-I always knew it would be you. = =

8. This Pokemon has a mother complex and will cling to you all the time:
-She looks like a mommy.

9. This Pokemon would risk it's life to save you from any danger:
-Electric spiders for the win!

10. This Pokemon secretly touches you in your sleep:
-Why do I not feel surprised you were picked for this one?
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According to me and my friend Panda, today was our friend's Halloween Papaya.
Calling parties papayas is like our new inside joke as of Wed.
We went back and for saying party, then partay, then papoi, and then we ended up at papaya.

I went as Adelaide from :iconvert-is-ninja:'s totally awesome comic, Hanna is Not a Boy's Name.
People liked my outfit even though they didn't know who I was.
Overall, I had huge amounts of fun and got to hang with people who I haven't seen in a long time.

Big thanks to :icondemyrie: for making the hoodie for me.
I may post pics of me in the hoodie here soon.

I might just wait until after AnimeVegas, which is in two weeks.
If things go my way, I will be Pidgey on Day 1, Vileplume on Day 2, and Adelaide on Day 3.
And I plan to take some pics of me in each outfit, along with pics of other cosplayers and things I see.
Maybe, if anything I put them all in my scraps or just link you all to my FB or something.
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I beat Twilight Princess and I loved every moment of playing it.
Well, most of it. XD
Some of the enemies can be real jerks.

Lately, I've been wondering if MineCraft is any fun.
My cousin plays it and he likes it.
And a few Let's Players I watch have been playing it, and it all looks really fun.
So I might actually get it for myself

But before I do, I wanted to know if any of you guys have played it or heard anything good about the game.
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I can't believe it's seriously been almost a decade since I've last touched a Zelda game.
And that even counts playing the game over again.

The last Zelda game I remember playing was Wind Waker.
And for me, that's one of my favorites.
My favorite characters from the game would have to be Makar and Valoo.

But what brought me back to the Zelda universe was Twilight Princess.
:iconmottekonigin: told me she had it and is currently letting me borrow it.
In the game, I'm at the part after the Goron Mines(fire temple).
And so far that's my favorite temple. How they gave the Iron Boots a second purpose, not just making you heavier, I thought that was too cool.

Also to me, the graphics have improved a lot since the N64 and GameCube.though i guess that is kinda obvious
Like the Gorons in this game, lets just say some of them could use some lotion or maybe some aloe.

I can't wait until the weekend when I'm at my dad's again, so I can be reunited with my Wii to play some more.
I haven't been craving to play an adventure game like this in god knows how long. >u<
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School starts next Mon. for those in Vegas.
But I'm kinda looking forward to it actually.

Because it's my senior year. ouo
I get my class this Weds. and I hope I have lots of classes with my friends.
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Got a job working at the store my mom works.
Which is like the main reason I got the job, by knowing someone on the inside.
So busy a lot lately.

If I'm not working, I'm tired from work.
And if I'm not tired from work, I'm working.
I'm not doing much of anything right now because of the madness.

Even though I saw something like this coming when I took the job.

<3 :iconroxydragoness:
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Got home last night from camping.
And when I went to check my stuff on dA, it's being stupid.

Nice to see you again too dA
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Leaving to go camping in the morning.
We're leaving Thurs. morning, so we'll be back home some time mid-day Thurs.

Gonna draw while out there, hope there's something decent.
Haven't posted lately because everything comes out blahhhhhh.

:heart: :iconroxydragoness:
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